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Celebrating International Day of Rural Women: Unleashing the power of women for sustainable cotton production in India

Tulsabai, a farmer in Sawner village of Ralegaon block in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra looks up to the sky to see if there is possibility of rains. Rainfall in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, a major cotton growing belt in India and a [...]

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by ISC Staff | October 10, 2019
For Immediate Release: October 11, 2019New Cohort of Partners Join Partnership for Resilient Communities National equity-centered climate program welcomes new and returning partnersOctober 11, 2019 – The Institute for Sustainable Communities [...]
by ISC Staff | September 17, 2019
P4G today announced that ISC’s Energy Efficiency Alliance for Industry (E2 Alliance) has been selected for $1 million in scale-up funding. E2 Alliance is one of seven public-private partnerships joining the Partnering for Green Growth and the [...]
by ISC Staff | September 12, 2019
Report: Equity and Smart Mobility Smart mobility will reduce emissions and improve lives. But, will everyone benefit? Transportation is the single biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. In order to curb [...]
by ISC Staff | August 9, 2019
What's Possible: With Jonathan Lash Episode 4: Dayna Cunningham In this episode of What’s Possible, Jonathan speaks with MIT CoLab Executive Director Dayna Cunningham. They discuss how the CoLab works with communities to co-create [...]
by Romit Sen | July 2, 2019
  “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water,” said Benjamin Franklin. As India faces one of the worst water crisis in recent times, and news of Chennai’s water shortage dominates headlines, the saying seems to be proving [...]
by ISC Staff | June 28, 2019
What's Possible: With Jonathan Lash Episode 3: Jonathan F. P. Rose As the world rapidly urbanizes, answering the question, "what makes a successful city" is essential to making livable, equitable, and healthy places which do not harm the [...]
by ISC Staff | May 30, 2019
From Urban Milwaukee by Jeramey Jannene Walnut Way Conservation Corp. and over 19 partners gathered Thursday morning at the Fondy Farmers Market at 2220 W. Fond du Lac Ave. Thursday morning to celebrate the completion of a number of green [...]
by ISC Staff | May 10, 2019
A Call to Action On May 9, ISC and the Mahindra Group – a leading manufacturer in India – convened over 100 Indian and international industrial, NGO, and government leaders to chart concrete steps to decarbonizing the manufacturing [...]
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