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Current Events

by George Hamilton | June 1, 2020
In solidarity, our heart goes out to the family of George Floyd, to our co-workers, neighbors and friends, and to the millions of people who face racism, discrimination and inequities every day.  The Institute for Sustainable Communities opposes [...]
by George Hamilton | March 26, 2020
Dear Friends, My colleagues and I hope you and those closest to you are healthy and doing well. At ISC, we are focused on building community resilience in the face of a climate crisis, with a particular focus on vulnerable communities in [...]
by Romit Sen | July 2, 2019
  “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water,” said Benjamin Franklin. As India faces one of the worst water crisis in recent times, and news of Chennai’s water shortage dominates headlines, the saying seems to be proving [...]
by Nicole Enright | August 17, 2018
Three and a half years ago, ISC was tapped to help accelerate solar deployment in communities across the U.S. as the national coordinator for the Solar Market Pathways (SMP) program. As we wrap up the program this summer and I reflect on all [...]
by Anna Marandi | September 11, 2017
This year’s Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy attracted perhaps our most geographically diverse cohort yet. From Anchorage to Houston to Washington, D.C., 12 cross-sector teams and a group of resilience-building experts convened in [...]
by Deb Perry | April 18, 2017
Cities across the U.S. are ambitiously transitioning to 100% renewable energy, swapping fossil fuel-based energy systems for clean energy strategies and sustainable plans. Six cities in the U.S. have already made this switch, and cities from [...]
by Henry McKay | April 18, 2017
In a Detroit neighborhood, families live with extreme flooding, molding and water shut-offs as part of their every day. More than 500 miles away, in one of Baltimore’s lowest-income communities, residents experience full weeks without power each [...]
by Deb Perry | March 15, 2017
It seems like just yesterday we were sharing the news that we’d been tapped by the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative to serve as the national coordinator for Solar Market Pathways. Now we’re already in the project’s third and final [...]
by Nicole Enright | February 3, 2017
A key to bringing renewable energy to scale is engaging large institutions. Not only are these institutions large energy customers that can influence local markets, but they often have expertise, space for installations and the ability to handle [...]
by Steve Nicholas | February 2, 2017
Why does the Institute for Sustainable Communities remain focused, dogged and optimistic amid the sound and the fury unfurling on the national stage? Because we believe deeply that the work we do – bringing local leaders together across [...]