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Major Partner Policy Wins and Project Milestones of Partnership for Resilient Communities Partners

This list is by no means conclusive, it lifts up only a handful of the major accomplishments, milestones, and highlights of the PRC partners so far this year. Please click the links to each organization’s website to learn more and directly support their work.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) – Oakland, CA; Richmond, CA

APEN staff and volunteers contacted thousands of voters, anchored Asian American outreach and communications, and provided leadership on a Steering Committee with community organizations and advocates across the state to help qualify Schools and Communities First (Prop 15), a California proposition that will ensure big corporations to pay their fair share in property taxes towards critical public resources like libraries, health clinics, and schools, for the November ballot.

PRC partner

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center CIMCC) – Santa Rosa, CA

CIMCC has been working with the Clean Energy Group and American Microgrid solutions to conduct a resilience hub assessment for its facility. CIMCC is working with local county representatives to pursue a resiliency hub designation and, based on the final assessment findings, will explore resiliency hub development with existing and new partners. CIMCC is also working to deliver COVID relief resources to its tribal community members on a weekly basis to increase food security, access to medical supplies, cash assistance, and meet other direct service needs.

eastside community network logo

Eastside Community Network (ECN) – Detroit, MI

In an act of solidarity in the midst of racial justice uprisings in Detroit, ECN joined forces with other community development organizations in the area, collectively referred to as The Detroit 21, to release an open letter calling for demilitarization of police and support for protesters exercising their democratic right to free speech. Read the full letter here.

PRC partner

Garfield Park Community Council (GPCC) – Chicago, Illinois

GPCC’s grassroots education campaign was recently selected to join a cohort of community-based organizations providing outreach and education around Illinois Solar for All, helping to make solar installations more affordable for low-income households, including tenants, non-profit organizations, and public facilities through state incentives.

Healthy Community Services

Healthy Community Services (HCS) – New Orleans, LA

Hosted a Health Literacy Outreach event for 100 residents equipped with a rain barrel-fed hand washing station and featuring green infrastructure demonstrations, Give-a-Way bags packed with hygiene supplies, medical resources, and nutritional recipes, gifted cash and groceries valued at $100 to a assist a family in crisis, and engaged the Latinx community through Spanish language literature and interpretation.

PRC partner

La Mujer Obrera – El Paso, TX

La Mujer Obrera teamed up with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid to file a federal lawsuit against the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) urging that they reopen two Chamizal elementary schools, and to force the school district to pay for critical building and environmental safety improvements consistent with relief being offered to nearby schools from a 2016 bond. The lawsuit is the ongoing legacy of the 1976 Alvarado v. EPISD school desegregation ruling, which found vast and systemic disparities in virtually all aspects of educational opportunities for Mexican American and immigrant parents in the El Paso school system.


Power52 Foundation – Baltimore, MD

Beginning in August, Power52, in partnership with The Kingdom Life Church, began hosting its Pull Up & Pick Up Food and Supply Giveaway. The initiative is made possible in part by the Emergency Relief Funds awarded to PRC partners via The JPB Foundation in order to address the most pressing needs of communities of color in the face of ongoing pressures induced from the pandemic. Text POWER to 69922 to stay informed.

Walnut Way logo

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. – Milwaukee, WI

Construction is well underway at Walnut Way’s Wellness Commons Phase II including framing, installation of the roof drainage piping, plumbing and more! The Wellness Commons will bring the organization’s pillars of wellness, work, and wealth to life. Housing various local non-profits and wellness trainers, the Commons will incubate the next generation of wellness practitioners into careers in the health field. Read the latest updates here.

PRC partner

Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative  (VEJC)- Richmond, VA

Several months before the 2020 legislative session the VEJC’s EJ Policy Committee informed two bills that were subsequently  presented first to the VA Legislative Black Caucus to educate them about the benefits of the bills. VEJC then educated  legislative aides to support them in getting the bills worded right. VEJC  members provided testimony and presented a sign-on letter with signatures of over 20 organizations. Finally, VEJC spent many tedious days at the general assembly monitoring the bills to go through the process and be heard in the various hearings on both the senate and the house sides. Sitting  with bated breath, as this was not their first time at this rodeo, during the last congressional session similar bills died in crossover. The celebration continues, both bills have unanimously passed.