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by ISC Staff | November 10, 2021
The COP26 commitments seem achievable, appropriate, and right on time. Yet, to up the game, India needs to ensure that the clean energy transitions are people-centered and inclusive, with actions that build equitable and sustainable models for [...]
by Romit Sen | September 30, 2021
Cotton cultivation supports the livelihoods of 250 million people engaged in cotton processing and trade activities At the Institute for Sustainable Communities, in India, we’re shaping a climate resilient textile value chain. [...]
by ISC Staff | August 11, 2021
This September the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) will launch the webinar series, “Climate Equity In Action.” The program provides an important platform for engaging leaders across the globe in climate change, environmental justice [...]
by ISC Staff | February 26, 2021
China’s role in tackling global warming and air pollution, one of the world’s largest environmental health risks, is critical. As the largest source of emissions, cities play an outsized role in generating GHG but also in developing and [...]
by Sushama Darne | December 4, 2020
Back in 2015, the United Nations launched the International Year of the Soils and flagged off the first ever World Soil Day on December 5th.  The nourishing, sustaining life force on which agriculture inalienably relies, has been called [...]
by Romit Sen | October 23, 2020
A crowd of people jostling by the ticket counter at Jhansi Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh; men and women, some with families in tow, boarding trains to Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai and other big cities. These are common sights during the summer [...]
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