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by Elliott Bent | November 21, 2019
Podcast: Net-Zero Cities in China Regardless of how you view China’s domestic and international policies, it is essential that we help them accelerate their greenhouse gas reductions if we are to have any hope of staying below the 1.5​° tipping [...]
by ISC Staff | August 9, 2019
What's Possible: With Jonathan Lash Episode 4: Dayna Cunningham In this episode of What’s Possible, Jonathan speaks with MIT CoLab Executive Director Dayna Cunningham. They discuss how the CoLab works with communities to co-create [...]
by ISC Staff | June 28, 2019
What's Possible: With Jonathan Lash Episode 3: Jonathan F. P. Rose As the world rapidly urbanizes, answering the question, "what makes a successful city" is essential to making livable, equitable, and healthy places which do not harm the [...]
by ISC Staff | February 5, 2019
What's Possible: With Jonathan LashEpisode 1: Kristalina GeorgievaSeveral months before Kristalina Georgieva was named Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, ISC's Board Chair Jonathan Lash sat down to interview her for the first [...]
by ISC Staff | October 5, 2018
ISC's George Hamilton, Brent Habig and Steve Nicholas attended the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco September 12-14, 2018.The Summit was an invite-only event where governments, businesses, activists, and nonprofits could gather, [...]
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