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ISC Update

by ISC Staff | June 14, 2019
About the Partnership for Resilient CommunitiesIn 2016, The JPB Foundation awarded ISC with a multi-year grant to pilot the Partnership for Resilient Communities - with the goal of supporting community-based organizations (CBOs) to lead climate [...]
by ISC Staff | January 3, 2019
Here at the Institute for Sustainable Communities, our motto is “what’s possible”. It represents our enduring belief that when the power of leaders like you is unleashed, sustainability is within reach. How we get there varies widely. There are [...]
by ISC Staff | November 29, 2018
ISC recently launched the Clean Energy Accelerator component of our India EHS+ Center program.The EHS+ Center provides environment, health, safety, and energy efficiency training and technical support to factories. The accelerator initiative is [...]
by ISC Staff | October 31, 2017
About the SME CleanTech Program India’s manufacturing sector is rapidly growing, and with that growth comes increased greenhouse gas emissions from a sector that already accounts for more than a quarter of emissions from the world’s fourth [...]