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What’s Possible: Author Jonathan Rose

What’s Possible: With Jonathan Lash
Episode 3: Jonathan F. P. Rose

As the world rapidly urbanizes, answering the question, “what makes a successful city” is essential to making livable, equitable, and healthy places which do not harm the environment.

Jonathan F. P. Rose has spent much of his life seeking to answer that very question. He shared insights gleaned from research, travel, and his own experience building green affordable and mixed income housing in his book The Well-Tempered City.

In this episode of What’s Possible, Rose shares:

  • The elements of a well-tempered city.
  • The story of a city’s evolution from the most dangerous in the world, to one of the most sustainable.
  • What it’ll take for cities to become sustainable, empathic places. 

What’s Possible with Jonathan Lash is an exploration of the work that people are doing all over the world to tackle climate change that Lash and ISC will release every other month, it is produced in partnership with ISC. Listen below or subscribe to the Sustainable Communities Podcast Network here!