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ISC at IREC Vision Summit: Energy Transformation for All

For the last five years, ISC has been working to expand solar energy access across the country. Through our Solar Market Pathways program, we worked with communities to accelerate the deployment of solar energy through innovative approaches such as community solar and solar+storage technologies.

We’re committed to expanding solar into under resourced communities across the country, to help households reduce energy costs and foster economic stabilization and upward economic mobility. We’re currently working with partners like the Power52 Foundation which offers job training and employment opportunities for at-risk adults and underserved individuals in the City of Baltimore.

While the solar workforce is rapidly expanding, significant opportunities exist to increase diversity and inclusion. Creating more equitable energy strategies—strategies built and operated to serve the entire community—requires designing more inclusive and engaging planning processes that are transparent and accountable, involve a diverse set of stakeholders, and offer opportunities to shape programs and set community priorities.

Building a targeted approach and an understanding of the specific barriers—legislative, financial, educational, or cultural—that need to be addressed together with the community can help to develop new pathways to accessible solar for all.

That’s exactly the perspective and insight ISC’s Vice President of U.S. Programs Steven Nicholas will bring at the upcoming IREC Vision Summit in Washington, D.C. March 6.

The event will bring together national and state clean energy stakeholders to discuss one question: how do we expand access to clean energy?

ISC is thrilled to attend and share what we’ve seen on the ground when it comes to to making bold clean energy goals a reality for all: a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient electric power system. We hope to see you there and learn what you’ve experienced in your own community!

Photo credit: Power52 Foundation