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Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact

With some of the biggest climate challenges in the world, regional collaboration in Southeast Florida is changing how things work. We’re supporting the implementation of the four-county Regional Climate Action Plan through tailored implementation workshops focused on addressing the challenges of local leaders such as integrating climate impacts into land use and transportation planning and water supply planning.

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Russell Paez

Russell Paez
Associate Director, U.S. Programs

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Climate Compact

Southeast Florida, home to the eighth-largest metropolitan population in the U.S., is especially vulnerable to climate change. High-density coastal development, which dominates the state’s modern landscape, sits atop a very flat, low-elevation limestone foundation. This low-lying topography makes Florida’s built environment, people and economy particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels through larger and more powerful storm surges, decreased capacity of gravity-fed stormwater drainage and saltwater infiltration of the region’s drinking-water aquifers. In fact, nearly 40% of U.S. sea level rise risk is in Florida. These issues represent an urgent need to implement a comprehensive climate strategy to manage and reduce climate risks in the state.

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