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Community Resilience

Making Communities Stronger - Regardless of What they Face

Climate change and social inequity are major threats to community sustainability. Flooding, drought, and other climate-related issues increase risk to populations already vulnerable due to social inequity. Becoming more resilient – anticipating and addressing community threats – not only holds the potential to save lives – and billions in recovery dollars and economic losses – it also encourages social equity and connectedness, fostering communities that grow and recover in ways that make them stronger than before.

ISC is helping communities, cities, and supply chains increase their resilience through community-driven efforts led by local leaders. Together, we develop a complete picture of the social, environmental, and economic threats they face; engage with other local organizations and individuals who share the threat; learn about best practices; and then implement locally-led solutions that tackle immediate problems while strengthening the community overall.

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“We look forward to sharing the creative solutions our community derives with other peer organizations across the country via ISC’s network.”

–Donna Givens, President and CEO, Eastside Community Network, Partnership for Resilient Communities

How ISC is Building Community Resilience

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Strengthening Institutions and Leaders in Underserved Communities

To tackle the crumbling infrastructure and chronic underinvestment representative of social inequity and/or systemic racism, many neighborhoods are taking matters into their own hands. ISC is providing them with knowledge, strategic funding, and tools to accelerate their success.

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Discovering New Approaches to Resilience

ISC is finding new ways to apply technologies like green infrastructure, solar, and living shorelines to bolster social, economic, and environmental resilience.

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Bringing Regions Together

Moving beyond cities, ISC has found that taking regional approaches to challenges is highly efficient – saving limited time, money, and resources. We’re working with counties and cities to create these regional opportunities.

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Building Partnerships Between Factories and Communities

ISC is connecting factories to their surrounding communities to increase resilience, particularly in the face of growing water shortages. This approach especially helps women in Asia who bear the brunt of water quality and scarcity issues.

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Bridging Divides

Tackling immediate economic, social, or environmental problems builds bonds between neighbors and bridges long-standing social divides. ISC is working to foster these connections.