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Look to cities for insight & inspiration

Cities consume two-thirds of the world’s energy and generate 70% of global CO2 emissions. As urbanization continues to increase – with an expected 70% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050 – it is essential that cities identify and implement green approaches to development.

ISC works directly with cities to surface next generation city climate and sustainability solutions through technical assistance, partnerships, and coalition-building. We also connect sustainability implementers to their broader field of knowledge and to their peers—nationally and internationally—inspiring and accelerating innovation.

For resources, visit our U.S. Local Solutions knowledge center.

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“Multi-stakeholder engagement is a very important factor in understanding, and then guiding, residents to change their behaviors, and that’s the key to success.”

-He Yiqing, Director, Xiaolan Low Carbon Development and Promotion Center

How ISC is Building Climate Smart, Equitable Cities

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Cutting Emissions

ISC is working with local leaders to customize and integrate best practices that feature data-driven and locally relevant solutions such as green building, renewable energy use, and low-carbon transportation.

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Building Capacity to Make Change

Local leaders ranging from city staff to residents share an understanding of, and a passion for, the places they live, but they often lack resources, experience, or established models for success. ISC closes those gaps by introducing our partners to cutting-edge action and resources online via our U.S. knowledge center, in-person through workshops, and on a day-to-day basis in our direct neighborhood and city technical assistance engagements.

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Establishing Promising Practices

Cities can be laboratories for change. As ISC works with local leaders, we learn from their challenges and successes, and then share those learnings more broadly – including with policymakers.

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Connecting Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts

Often it is a challenge for local leaders to see how things are connected. ISC takes a holistic approach to our work and seeks to break down silos, leading to local solutions that directly address systemic inequities and hold cross-cutting benefits.

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Connecting Good Ideas to Capital

Project financing is one of the top cited obstacles faced by our cities and neighborhoods. ISC works to find or create the financing vehicles and public-private partnerships that metro-regions need to implement sustainability solutions.