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Adaptation & Resilience

Solar Market Pathways

Coordinating and disseminating the work of 14 projects as they forge pathways to new solar markets, and lower the cost of renewable energy

Resilient Regions Initiative

Worked with 12 metro-regions throughout the United States to uncover and systematize approaches to create regional approaches to climate resilience.

Resilient Vermont

Developed a shared framework for resilience in Vermont. Created and helped implement a Roadmap to Resilience with statewide stakeholder input.

Western Adaptation Alliance (WAA)

The Alliance brought together 13 cities in the Southwest U.S. with similar climate adaptation challenges to develop and implement strategies and programs.

Gulf Coast Resilient Communities

Helped small Gulf Coast communities respond to – and rebound after – shocks in the wake of Hurricane Katrina by advancing existing local initiatives.

100 Resilient Cities

Worked with select 100 RC cities through resilience workshops designed to foster collaboration among city sectors and help them address the cities specific resilience challenges.