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SME CleanTech

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) comprise 90 percent of India’s manufacturing sector, and hold significant potential to cut India’s greenhouse gas emissions. Up until now, this potential has been largely untapped due to lack of basic information, business cases, or easy access to capital for implementation of green technologies.

To significantly speed clean technology adoption, ISC is supporting the demonstration of proven sustainable manufacturing options and training local energy efficiency providers to provide ongoing services and technical assistance to SMEs at scale.

Drawing on knowledge and insight gained through practical experience, ISC and its partners are also contributing to the development of Indian government policies designed to increase resource efficiency in the industrial sector, align with India’s COP21 commitments, and reduce carbon and other harmful emissions in India.

“Energy Efficiency Systems in India are the need of the hour and the National Motor Replacement Program is our stride towards energy savings.”

Mr. S.P Garnaik, Chief General Manager (Techincal, EESL)

We work with brands and factories throughout Asia to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and other harmful pollutants, and to improve health, safety, and social outcomes inside and outside factory walls.

Our end goal is to make factories “net positive” – meaning they give more than they take. This short video outlines our vision.

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