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Advancing Industry's Potential to Drive Change

Manufacturing and construction generates an average of nearly 25% of CO2 emissions in the Asian countries where we work. To curb climate change, we need to break the bond between economic growth, harmful environmental degradation, and unsafe working conditions – especially in the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. The growth of factories has increased employment and expanded opportunities – for women in particular – yet it has also been characterized by pollution, climate change, and alarming risks to workers’ health and safety.

By focusing on Asia’s manufacturing sector, ISC is tackling the air pollution, toxic effluents, water mismanagement, and energy inefficiencies resulting from the region’s rapid industrialization.

ISC’s sustainable manufacturing initiatives address these challenges head-on by:

  • Demonstrating to factories that environment, health, and safety improvements can go hand-in-hand with improved competitiveness and profitability
  • Enabling them, in coordination with the global and local brands they supply, to adopt climate-smart and socially compliant technologies and practices that result in greener, safer production. 
  • Connecting factories with their surrounding communities, which helps tackle resource issues of common concern – like water management. These strengthened partnerships lead to greater community and supply chain resilience.

“I gained a fresh new perspective and a much wider understanding of the EHS system and culture. When I return to work, I will bring EHS performance at the company to a higher level.”

– Jiang Haizheng, Safety Manager, EHS+ Center training participant 

How ISC is Making Manufacturing Sustainable in Asia

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Cutting Harmful Emissions

As brands seek to reduce their carbon footprint and factories aim to cut costs, ISC’s expertise in energy efficiency and our provision of training, technical assistance, and practical tools have contributed to the achievement of both goals.

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Worker Safety and Health

ISC works with brands and factories to transform the way factories are managed – identifying shared priorities based on the premise that human resources are the key ingredient to business success; building awareness and knowledge among executives, managers, and workers about workplace hazards; and enabling factories to become safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces.

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Water Conservation and Resilience

ISC is connecting factories with best practices in water management and wastewater disposal, and strengthening partnerships among factories and communities.