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Launching Upper Texas Gulf Coast Regional Resilience Initiative

Photo Credit: Ben Sassani – Harvey Flooding – Sassani Photography

A year after Hurricane Harvey dumped up to 60 inches of rainfall on the Houston area – taking over 80 lives and causing an estimated $180 billion of damage – ISC and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative that will create practical, community-led solutions to direct, accelerate, and streamline existing recovery and resilience efforts.

The Upper Texas Gulf Coast Regional Resilience Initiative – funded by The JPB Foundation – is a partnership between ISC, HARC and regional and local leaders that will help tackle the Upper Texas Gulf Coast’s economic, environmental, and social vulnerabilities – some of which were laid bare in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The initiative will combine HARC’s expertise in translating science to actionable programs and policy and knowledge of the region with ISC’s experience working with local leaders to find community-based resilience solutions for neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

The work has already started with a discovery phase to determine challenges and opportunities in building resilience in the region, and will soon begin to focus on engaging with community-based individuals and organizations to begin developing solutions.

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