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Video: City and Community Approaches to Resilient Solar

Communities across the U.S. are exploring how resilient solar can help strengthen resilience, advance renewable energy goals, and best serve vulnerable neighborhoods during disasters.

In Baltimore, Duluth, New York City, and San Francisco, city departments and community-based organizations are demonstrating the power of solar+storage to profoundly improve the health, safety, and well-being of communities, particularly those who are historically underserved and often most vulnerable to disaster.

Through the Partnership for Resilient Communities and Solar Market Pathways, we worked closely with each of the communities featured in this video to advance their projects, confront obstacles, develop innovative strategies, and create models for others to adopt and adapt. For organizations, departments, and agencies interested in developing resilient solar in their community, this video shares examples of trailblazing resilient solar projects and offers tools, resources, and lessons learned to serve as a starting point for future projects. A huge “thank you” to our partners. For more information on the projects and organizations featured in this video, visit:

Featured ISC Programs

The Partnership for Resilient Communities provides community-based organizations with the strategic resources and technical assistance to shape and lead resilience projects born from the voices and priorities of underserved communities. We work with organizations with strong histories of leading positive transformations in their communities to implement innovative green infrastructure and clean energy projects.

ISC is supporting 14 Solar Market Pathways awardees from across the country who are focusing on ways to reduce solar costs and expand support and financing for solar installations. Each team will bring together solar stakeholders to find ways to reduce barriers and expand local solar, which will result in tools and approaches that can be replicated in hundreds of U.S. communities

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