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The Institute for Sustainable Communities Expands U.S. Climate Resiliency Work: Fourteen Community Organizations Led By People of Color Included in Latest Cohort

WASHINGTON (November 18, 2022) – The Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) is pleased to announce the continuation and expansion of its Partnership for Resilient Communities (PRC) program, thanks to the renewal of a three-year grant from The JPB Foundation.

ISC’s Partnership for Resilient Communities program supports community-based organizations led by people of color in championing climate resilience-building initiatives that elevate the voices, priorities, and existing resources of their communities. The program provides capacity-building resources that bolster the leadership and influence of PRC partners in the climate resilience field, positioning organizations as experts that hold the solutions to the climate issues that disproportionately burden their communities. Every day, partner organizations are grappling with the impacts of flooding, drought, poor air quality, extreme heat, and the urban heat island effect, lack of green infrastructure, and a myriad of risks related to climate resilience, public health and racial equity.

“With this renewal, PRC will grow from 10 partner organizations to 14, expanding the power and network of local leaders of color who will guide the grassroots strategies that will address climate inequities within their communities,” said Sonia Joshi, Director of U.S. Programs at the Institute.

The new PRC cohort consists of the following community-based organizations.

New partners and locations:

Continuing partners and locations:

The expansion of PRC also extends ISC’s National Network of Climate Leaders of Color, which centers the voices of leaders of color beyond their local geographies to drive equitable climate solutions locally and nationally while shifting the narrative of what climate leadership looks like in the United States.

The Institute for Sustainable Communities’ mission is to support communities hardest hit by climate disruption and
pollution, tackle economic, social, and environmental underpinnings, and build a better future shaped and shared by all. We facilitate justice, equity, and the inclusion of disinvested communities in policies, decisions, and investments.
We prioritize closing the gaps that put them in harm’s way. We are equity and environmental justice practitioners, co-led by Pradnya Haldipur, Trina Mallik, and Nicholas Stevens.