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United States

The United States is the largest economy in the world and one of the largest contributors to climate change (the largest on a per capita basis). Since 2008, ISC has been working with city staff, nonprofits, and residents to accelerate sustainable solutions to major challenges cities and neighborhoods collectively face  – with a particular focus on climate change.

With ISC’s help, U.S. local leaders are:

  • Tackling the challenges of solar deployment.
  • Building community resilience to social, economic, and environmental shocks and stressors.
  • Finding multi-jurisdictional approaches to streamline response, and preparations for, climate challenges.

Across the U.S., practitioners are advancing, accelerating and scaling-up innovative urban solutions to create equitable, healthy, resilient, and prosperous communities. Visit our Local Solutions site to view some of the best urban sustainability resources available.

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Steve Nicholas, staff

Steve Nicholas

Vice President, U.S. Program

Sustainability Practitioners