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American Expert in Urban Transportation to Tour India

MONTPELIER, VT – October 10, 2016 – In an effort to support smart city solutions in India, the Institute for Sustainable Communities, with funding from the U.S. Department of State, is sending American transportation expert, Dr. Srinivas Peeta to select cities within India from October 16-23.

Dr. Peeta will meet with state and city government officials, stakeholders, and Indian urban development experts to learn and share work on the sustainability of transportation systems in India’s cities. Discussions will focus on sustainability, traffic management, livability, and systems perspectives, including reducing transportation congestion, enhancing access and connectivity, and planning transportation in harmony with cultural heritage.

The goal of the exchange is to develop long-lasting professional relationships between Indian and American experts that will accelerate smart city solutions in India. Three experts have already participated in the exchange – meeting on water, air quality and energy technology. One more U.S.-based expert is anticipated to make the trip in December 2016.

“Cities play such a crucial role as living laboratories to finding innovative solutions to sustainability challenges,” said Dr. Peeta. “This exchange helps build the foundation for sharing our best, creative practices with others around the world.”

Dr. Peeta is currently the Jack and Kay Hockema Professor in Civil Engineering in the Transportation and Infrastructure Systems group at Purdue University. He is also the Director of the NEXTRANS Center, the U.S. Department of Transportation Region 5 University Transportation Center.

Dr. Peeta’s research interests are multidisciplinary, span several methodological domains and include the dynamics of large-scale transportation systems, addressing interdependencies among infrastructure systems, modeling human behavior associated with drivers, and understanding linkages between transportation, energy and environment.

As an advisor to the Transportation Research Group of India since 2011, he helps aid India’s overall growth through focused transportation research, education and policies.

He will be visiting Delhi, Jaipur and Ajmer as part of the exchange.

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