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Resilient Regions Initiative

Working for resilience at the regional scale is one of the most effective ways to make our communities stronger and able to better handle climate and economic change. The regional, multi-jurisdiction, multi-sector approach allows for communities to:

  • Use on-the-ground knowledge to make larger actions count.
  • Share resources for improved economies of scale.
  • Coordinate activities to ensure they are not working at cross-purposes.
  • Preserve local autonomy critical for effective action and community engagement
  • Amplify the powerful effects of action by city, county, and state jurisdictions.

ISC is building on our direct experience working with the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact and others to advise regions interested in collaborating for greater resilience. Since our landmark Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy, Think Resiliently, Act Regionally convened teams from 12 regions across the US in November 2014, we’ve been supporting that emerging network of diverse regions – from the New England states to the Puget Sound metro area – with resources, peer learning opportunities, and customized technical assistance.

 Together we are digging into the challenges that regional collaboratives face, and creating tools to help these regions move forward to become more resilient.


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