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Confirmation Of Judge Jackson To the U.S. Supreme Court an Important Milestone for Racial Justice

The confirmation of Judge Jackson as Associate Justice to the U. S. Supreme Court is a landmark for gender and racial justice.  

Judge Jackson has lived understanding about what remedies are necessary to remove systemic discriminatory racial, gender, and economic barriers. 

People of color disproportionately face environmental, economic, and social challenges within their communities. The participation of people of color and women matters in remedying this kind of discrimination.  

Change-making works best and is the most sustainable when there is a plurality of voices and diverse coalitions are contributing to the public policy discourse and the investments that flow from those decisions. The Supreme Court needs to be as diverse as this country.”

We’re celebrating this important milestone for our country. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will progress our nation on the path to life, liberty, and justice for all.

Deeohn Ferris, JD


Institute for Sustainable Communities