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With over 1.3 billion residents and the world’s second-largest economy, China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet. However, the Chinese government has committed to reverse this trend with aggressive emissions targets that will initially peak and then reduce greenhouse gases as well as pollution that wreaks environmental havoc throughout the region.

Since 2007, ISC has worked with cities, manufacturers, and community groups to reduce GHG emissions, improve environmental health, and advance resource efficiency. Currently, ISC is working with 12 Chinese cities to cut emissions and pollution by providing them with what they need to succeed: technical expertise, relevant examples, exposure to effective implementation methods, and guidance on multi-stakeholder engagement.

With ISC’s help, China’s local leaders are:

  • Cutting emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful air pollutants.
  • Connecting with U.S. cities and companies through strategic peer learning opportunities.
  • Helping drive national policy and programs that will help cities throughout China cut emissions.
City Projects Complete
Million MTCO2 Reduced by 2030
Additional City Projects Complete by 2020