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Michael Wetherell

Associate Director, Grants & Operations

Michael Wetherell currently serves as Associate Director, Grants & Operations. Mike manages budgeting and contracting for ISC, and international operations management and donor compliance.

Michael previously supported ISC’s Kosovo Civil Society Strengthening Program and managed its technical assistance to USAID’s Combating Corruption and Strengthening Rule of Law program in Ukraine and Millennium Challenge Corporation Albania Threshold II program in Albania. He engaged in developing core activities and approaches, working with ISC’s business development team; facilitated trainings, workshops, conferences, and study exchanges; provided budgeting and financial management support; conducted strategic and project planning with partners; developed and implemented evaluation and reporting strategies; conducted research and analysis; and managed ISC information resources.

Mike has also supported start up of ISC’s Guangdong Environmental Partnership in China, managed a community-based energy efficiency initiative in the Russian Federation, worked with ISC’s Ukraine Citizen Action Network in Ukraine, coordinated ISC’s Replication of Lessons Learned (ROLL) Program and Russian Far East Civic Initiatives Program in the Russia Federation and a Youth Policy Program in Serbia. Mike has also led ISC’s Partnership Grants Activity in Poland; provided programming, training, and administrative support for community, environmental, and youth action initiatives in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine; and served as special assistant to ISC’s Vice President for International Programs.

Mike’s previous international experience includes work with Project Harmony as a program coordinator managing promotion, recruiting, and participant follow up for the Department of State’s Community Connections business and professional exchange program in Ukraine. Prior to that, he was a cross-cultural and professional development training facilitator for three US Peace Corps pre-service trainings, and an English-language instructor with Peace Corps in Ukraine. He is proficient in Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.