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ISC’s nearly decade-long commitment in Serbia focused on strengthening the country’s civil society sector, supporting advocacy and civic activism efforts, and influencing democratic reform. ISC partnered with local NGO’s and civil society organizations throughout Serbia, empowering local champions and improving local systems. 

In 2009, USAID extended funding for ISC’s Civil Society Advocacy Initiative for Serbia. By the close of the program in 2013, ISC had worked with 237 organizations and 1,500 local activists, the
program built civil society capacity and supported hundreds of local and national advocacy, policy and democracy initiatives.

In 2012, USAID awarded Serbia Civil Society Forward to ISC, which elevated a group of leading Serbian civil society organizations (CSOs) to new levels as partners and decision-makers. ISC, in partnership with BCIF, handed out grants to a number of organizations, while also building skills and establishing local philanthropy.

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