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ISC helped Macedonia strengthen citizen participation in local problem-solving in three key cities on Lake Ohrid in 1999. As part of the second phase of Democracy Network Program (DemNet) program, ISC introduced local environmental action plans to communities in Macedonia.

In 2001, NGOs in Macedonia launch legislative advocacy initiatives on juvenile justice, animal protection, solid waste disposal, access to environmental information, consumer protection, rights of the mentally disabled, and domestic violence.

In 2003, with ISC Macedonia’s active participation and help from the U.S. Agency for International Development, four Macedonian NGOs submited a successful application to the Global Fund to provide $6.3 million over the next three years to build a coordinated national response to prevent a major HIV/AIDS epidemic in the
small Balkan nation.

In 2005, ISC launched the Macedonia Activity for Civil Society Strengthening program, which elevated the civil society sector to new levels of legitimacy, accountability and visibility. 

ISC in Macedonia