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Bangladesh is one of the places on the planet most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It is also home to a burgeoning manufacturing sector, which lifts people out of poverty, but can also contribute to environmental, health, and human rights issues for workers and surrounding communities.

ISC is working with factory owners, brands, and community members to ensure the country’s largest economic engine – factories – make efficient use of limited natural resources, and are safe for both residents and the environment. Partnering with a local university, local training institutes, and industry associations, ISC sustainable manufacturing initiatives have increased resource efficiency, enhanced gender equity and empowerment, and reduced factory GHG emissions.  

ISC is working with the The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety to:

  • Create state-of-the art environment, health, and safety training materials.
  • Establish and train a lasting network of seasoned environment, health, and safety trainers who will furnish factories with capacity-building services, and the means to be transparent.
  • Design a new systems-based training approach for factory managers that integrates safety policy, safety assurance, safety prevention, and risk management.
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