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U.S. Program Hosts Spring Convenings

Spring has sprung and with it an abundance of convenings and peer-learning events across ISC’s U.S. Programs. Over the span of two months, the team successfully pulled together three convenings and one peer-learning event, which were all held virtually. These events were dynamic, inspiring, and were well attended and received by our partners. 

Up first was a half-day peer-learning convening for The Kresge Foundation’s Climate Change, Health & Equity Initiative, of which ISC serves as the national program office. The convening, The Time is Now: Reshaping the Systems and Institutions that Intersect with Race, Health and Climate Justice brought together health practitioners, hospitals, health/healthcare systems, and institutional grantees for opportunities to network and build relationships with each other, strategize, and envision a world where equitable climate and health solutions are a reality. The convening featured an opening keynote from public health expert, Dr. Camara Jones, and a closing keynote presentation from Makani Themba from Higher Ground Change Strategies. To learn more and view resources and recordings from the convening, click here. 

ISC’s flagship program, the Partnership for Resilient Communities hosted a two-day peer learning event for its cohort of 10 community-based partners working to implement equitable climate resilience-building strategies in their respective communities. The event, Rising in the Face of Adversity They Tried to Bury Us, but They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds, provided space to share best practices and lessons learned around building capacity in the climate resilience field, and featured multiple panels, discussions, and interactive workshops including an opening keynote from educator and author Dr. Carolyn Finney, and powerful closing from renowned climate justice leader, Elizabeth Yeampierre. View recordings of the keynotes and find presentations and additional convening materials here. 

The team capped off its convenings with another two-day peer learning event for the Robert Wood Johnson’s Health and Climate Solutions Initiative, where ISC also serves as the national program office. The convening, Understanding The Roots of Inequity: Weaving Together Equity, Health, and Climate brought together grantees as they discussed, brainstormed, and shared ideas that linked to their common goal of minimizing the impact climate change has had on health. The seven partner organizations also shared updates about their projects and other climate issues affecting their communities. Dr. Camara Jones made another special guest appearance for this convening as the opening keynote speaker, while HCS National Advisory Committee Member Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali delivered the closing address. To learn more and view resources and recordings from the convening, click here.

These three events supported the knowledge and capacity-building skills of more than 200 participants and marked the kickoff of what is anticipated to be another robust and event-packed year for the U.S. Programs team. 

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