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Statement from ISC in Response to Mob Violence at the Capitol Building

Like many of you, we at the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) are feeling stung by the mob violence at the U.S. Capitol complex in Washington, DC – the nation’s capital – on January 6. Angry rioters and domestic terrorists stormed the area – breaking through barricades, assaulting police officers, infiltrating the Capitol building, committing mayhem. This is disheartening for many, and more specifically for people of color in this country.  

Compared to the harsh tactics deployed against multiracial and multicultural Black Lives Matter activists in Washington, DC, and other U.S. cities in 2020, it’s evident that some law enforcement handled the angry rioters and domestic terrorists extraordinarily leniently

So, here we are again.  

We see – again – the incredible difference in the rights and treatment accorded certain peoples in the United States. Armed white supremacists, terrorists, and radical militias were freely able to exhibit sedition and exercise their hate. We must all unequivocally condemn this lawlessness.

It’s critical that ISC and our partners stand together in these tumultuous times – even more so with the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s lean on each other, doing what we know, helping to ensure that equity and communities are at the center of the world’s environmental, social, and low emission economic climate change and sustainability solutions.

Deeohn Ferris
ISC President