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State of the States: Training Leaders From All Over the US

Four years ago, we began our Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy (SCLA) program.


Today, we’re taking a look at what we’ve accomplished so far. This map shows the 460 communities across the nation, represented by over 1,700 practitioners, who are now implementing the skills and lessons they’ve learned from each other and from ISC. Sustainability directors, regional planners, nonprofit leaders, wastewater managers and other leaders have connected with each other at our 3-day workshops, where we bring community teams together with expert resource teams to dive deeply into key sustainability issues.


Some recent topics have included:

After four years, we’re finding that our workshops are getting pretty popular. Last month in Memphis, we held our first ever Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Academy – and here’s what we heard from the practitioners who joined us…


Thank you, thank you, thank you! This workshop provided an invaluable opportunity to get our team together for some uninterrupted, rich, brainstorming on this topic. Having the chance to learn from experts and peers, and then bring this back to the group during our huddles was key. I feel like we emerged from the workshop with an action plan, not just a laundry list of good ideas for ‘someday.’ Eileen Horn, Sustainability Coordinator, Douglas County & City of Lawrence, KS


An unbelievable experience to have the opportunity to see how some of the things we are working on have worked in different areas of the country. Truly a powerful few days with passionate people from around the country to change the regional food systems. Invaluable. Experience. James Bosi, Manager, Sysco, Knoxville, TN


Check out the resources on our website and stay tuned for the next round!

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