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Hurricane Ida Emergency Disaster Relief Fund

The Institute for Sustainable Communities seeks  to help communities around the world address environmental, economic, and social challenges to build a better future shaped and shared by all. We unleash the power of people to transform their communities. This past weekend, our community partners in New Orleans and Baton Rouge were severely impacted by Hurricane Ida. As they survey the damage and await assistance, they are in dire need of essentials like food, water, soap, and clothing. The Institute for Sustainable Communities has established a fund to help provide aid to our partners and their communities. 

“We are in touch with our partners and are committed to their well-being. Right now they need funds for basic necessities like food and dry goods as they prepare to rebuild,” said Deeohn Ferris, president of the Institute for Sustainable Communities. “As you know, the intensity of climate-driven severe weather events is only getting worse. Hurricane Ida highlights the criticality of our climate resiliency work and the green infrastructure solutions we’re supporting in Louisiana and other places in the coastal United States.”  

Hurricane Ida made landfall as a Category 4 storm. It is the largest hurricane to hit the area since Katrina, 16 years ago. New Orleans, Baton Rouge and other cities and towns in the region are dealing with loss of life and property. This is another example of the danger of our changing climate.  In the coming weeks, residents will also face uncomfortable living conditions, including lack of electricity, running water, and the threat of looting. 

We ask that you donate now to help people impacted by Hurricane Ida. 100% of the proceeds raised by this campaign are directed to our Louisiana community partners.

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